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3D Integrated Chip Architecture Engineer (junior/medior)

Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

As a Quantum Assembly engineer you will be part of the groundbreaking developments of QuantWare to tackle the major bottleneck the quantum computing industry is facing today: scaling up to high qubit counts. Using your affiliation with both microwave engineering and chip assembly you will contribute to the R&D for next-generation 3D integrated chip architectures allowing for easy scaling to 1000+ qubits. You will use the output from these experiments to think of new and improved designs and assembly techniques  Your scalable 3D assemblies will allow customers worldwide an accelerated transition into the NISQ era for quantum computation.


  • Perform hands-on assembly R&D and production procedures (soldering, aligning, laser cutting, etc.)
  • Continuously improve design and assembly techniques with feedback on R&D outputs
  • Write and improve code to automate quantum chip integration design and simulation

Job requirements

Python programming experience

  • Microwave engineering experience 
  • Physics or engineering education (bachelor’s degree or better)

Considered a plus:

  • Experience with cryogenic engineering and superconducting circuits 
  • Experience with design programs (like Inventor)
  • Multiphysics approach
  • High precision hardworking
  • Great communication skills

Ideal starting date: As soon as possible

About us

QuantWare is the world's leading supplier of superconducting quantum hardware. Our mission is to Accelerate the advent of the quantum computer. We design, develop and fabricate state-of-the-art Quantum Processor Units. QuantWare offers a super fast-moving environment, the chance to work with world-leading experts and develop yourself in this fast-growing field, unlimited growth opportunities for employees, and a competitive salary with equity compensation. We are extremely motivated to solve a very hard problem and make useful quantum computation a reality. We are committed to diversity and work to build an inclusive environment in which all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or background, can come to do their best work.

QuantWare is an equal opportunity employer.

Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands