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Quantum Research & Development Engineer

  • Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

QuantWare is looking for a highly skilled and motivated Amplifier Development Engineer to join our team and take a leading role in the development of next-generation superconducting amplifiers, with a focus on Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers (TWPAs). 

At QuantWare, you will push the state of the art in theoretical understanding, design, fabrication, and characterization of these amplifiers, contributing to our vision of making quantum computing available to all. If you are passionate about developing state-of-the-art superconducting amplifiers and want to contribute to the advent of useful quantum computing, we would love to hear from you.

What are you going to do?

  • Taking a leading role in the development and optimization of existing and novel superconducting amplifiers, specifically TWPAs, from concept to final product;
  • Conduct theoretical analysis and modeling to understand and improve the performance of superconducting amplifiers;
  • Analyzing and interpreting experimental data to identify areas of improvement and guide future design iterations;
  • Staying on top of developments in the field of superconducting amplifiers;
  • Ensuring close collaboration with our fabrication and characterization teams.

About QuantWare

QuantWare is the world's leading supplier of superconducting quantum hardware. Our mission is to accelerate the advent of the quantum computer. We design, develop and fabricate state-of-the-art Quantum Processor Units. We are extremely motivated to solve hard problems and make useful quantum computation a reality. We are committed to diversity and work to build an inclusive environment in which all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or background, can thrive.

Job requirements

  • Experimental experience in the development of circuit QED, superconducting amplifiers, or a closely related field;
  • Strong background in cryogenic measurement, microwave engineering, nanofabrication, or superconducting chip design;

  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to both expert and non-expert colleagues and partners;

  • Experience with structuring R&D projects with a small team.

It would be even better if you bring the following too:
  • PhD or equivalent experience in the development of superconducting amplifiers, circuit QED or a closely related field;

  • Affinity with development and commercialisation of commercial products.

What we have to offer

Quantware offers you a challenging position with ample opportunity to grow and responsibility from the get-go. You get to work with world-leading experts within an exciting, innovative field. QuantWare offers an inclusive environment in which people can learn, fall, thrive and excel. We value friendship, trust and openness. We want people from all backgrounds to see themselves represented and included in our organisation. We are actively trying to diversify our team and to bring more voices to the table, so all applicants are welcome.

So, now we got your attention and interest; Apply!

In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via

QuantWare is an equal-opportunity employer.

  • Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands